Julija Hartig – violin
Roctet – string octet
Florian Magnus Maier – composer
Max Knigge – composer

Julija will talk to the two composers after the performance of the pieces about the origins of their composition and the collaboration between the players and composers.

Florian Magnus Maier: 'The Music of Erich Zann' for solo violin, voice and electronics (2022) 12' – Commissioned by New Music Now
A violinist tour de force, based on HP Lovecraft's story of the same name, written for my good friend and long-time collaboration partner Julija Hartig. This struggle of a musician who gradually slides into the abyss of madness while she exorcises and combats horrors from a strange universe with her playing, will push us to the limit both in terms of composition and violin playing.

This piece is part of the CD 'Dark Velvet'. With this special CD she won an Edison Classical 2023 in the Newcomer National category.

Roctet – string octet

Joris van Rijn – violin
Filipe Fernandes – violin
Francien Schatborn - viola
Eveline Kraayenhof – cello
Anneke Janssen – cello
Frank Brakkee – viola
Masha Iakovleva – violin
Julija Hartig – violin

Max Knigge: 'De Chroniqueur' for String Octet (2023) 15' – Commissioned by New Music Now

The multidisciplinary string octet 'De Chroniqueur' by the Dutch composer Max Knigge. The piece was written especially for Roctet and commissioned by New Music Now. “A musical trip about love, value and responsibility, with colorful and exciting music”