American Music Guide

'…Not only is ROctet's ensemble perfect, but so is their tuning, rhythm, and manner of shaping phrases..' ROctet review in American Music Guide

Diapason (France)

Founded in 2016, the ensemble ROctet – short for Radio String Octet – does not lack passion. Proof of it is the Double Quartet by Nikolaï Afanassyev (1886), of which this is the very first recording. A melodic inventiveness – that can be at times naive and at times melancholic (Dvorak isn't always far) – […]

Speed up!

'…Fragment of the Scherzo from Mendelssohn's Octet op.20 in a forward motion. Recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown in April 2020 where more than one person was never filmed at the same time….'

Listen Magazine

'..Interplay, harmony and recording quality are simply fantastic…'

Interview Luister magazine

'…During that first collaboration as a string octet 'there seemed to be an immediate click, a special kind of energy', recalls Joris van Rijn, concertmaster at the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. 'Afterwards we all thought: gosh, we're going to do that more often.' 

Roctet's Mendelssohn Octet in E flat favorite with Diskotafel

The year has started well for ROctet: the Mendelssohn octet on our debut CD was very well rated in the NPO Radio4 program Diskotabel and selected as a favorite in the Comparison with 2 other recordings. This recording is on our debut CD Novoselye · Housewarming.