Welcome Filipe Fernandes

We are very exited to welcome our dear young and talented colleague Filipe Fernandes to dive into the new adventures ahead of us this season.

Roctet in Serbia

Roctet The octet of strings ‘R0ctet’ will hold a concert within the ‘Migrations’ programme arch in the City Concert Hall on 24 February. The concert starts at 8 p.m., and the audience will have a chance to hear works by N. Afanasyev,  Carlos Michans and F. Mendelssohn. R0ctet is an octet of strings from the Netherlands […]

Roctet has it!

Heard: Sunday morning concert, 26/9, Grote Zaal, Concertgebouw Amsterdam Afanasjev (1821-1898), where it has the meaning of 'Housewarming'. This octet full of energy and melancholy, which premiered in 1886 in The Moscow Music Society, was the reason for eight string players from the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra to start a crowdfunding campaign at Voor de Kunst two years ago.